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We Dream. We Inspire. We Create. We Compete.
We Make The World A Better Place 

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From left to right: Coach Aravind, Abhi, Sharan, Velan, Christy, Coach Joel, Ashmita, Saahil, Barath, Nikhil, and Coach Susee

Our Vision

Inspire and enable younger generations to achieve their dreams in the area of STEM and help them become better citizens and leaders.

Our Mission
Build a team of young engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders, by actively engaging them in programs that encourage active collaboration, active community engagement and those that foster leadership skills, communication, critical thinking and negotiation.

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Upcoming Events

FIRST Lego League (FLL) Training Camp - Our Trademark: Books, Bricks and Bots.
Please scan the QR code and complete the short survey to provide your interest in participating in the FLL Training Camp. This will be a 5 week program (only on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday). Kids will work as a team of 3 to 5 to learn, build and program an EV3 robot. The teams will then compete in the final week to test their learnt skills. Start date of this program is on the 13th of May. FREE!! Pass it on!! #Robotics #FLL #FTC #STEM #GumSpringLibrary #Education #LearningOpportunities #BooksBricksBots

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